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New Fundraising Policy​ & perk!

​For every 10 hours a family volunteer's they will receive a $5.00 credit towards any Lumberjack sport registration. 

For every 10 hours your family volunteers you will receive your credit/coupon. You will be able to earn up to $20.00 per Athlete per year in credits/coupons.

The fundraising coordinator will give out a credit/coupon to those that complete hours when the hours have been completed. When you receive your coupon you will turn your credit/coupon in to the Head coach of the sport you would like to use your coupon for. This will work like cash so if you have 20.00 in coupons your sport is free. if you have $5.00 then you will owe the balance on $15.00

​​Current  LUMBERJACK fundraisers​​

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North Star Bike Race

This will be held Sunday June 18th, 2017 downtown Stillwater. 
This will be our 2nd year volunteering for this event.
Click here to sign up-…

Anyone can volunteer athletes, family members, community members, children (must be accompanied by an adult) wanting to help out our team to earn money. No experience necessary and things are pretty easy to do, it is only a few hours per shift. Our team gets a donation for each volunteer that signs up and works that day. Click on the above link to see the opportunities available and pick the one you want, please make sure when you sign up where it says Volunteer Organization that you put- St Croix Valley Lumberjacks so we get the credit for you. 
Please email the team after you sign up so we can keep track of who signed up at:


Tootsie Roll Drive

Volunteers still needed for the Stillwater Knights of Columbus/ St Croix Valley Lumberjacks Tootsie Roll Drive Fundraiser April 29th, 2017 at Walmart in Oak Park Heights.

 This is a very easy volunteer event to do. You hand out Tootsie Rolls to customers going in and out of the store & you hold onto a container for donations and keep a smile on your face  Volunteers are open to all family & friends that want to help. Athletes here is an opportunity for you to earn some volunteer hours (remember 2 hours are required each year for athletes). I need 12 people per shift = 60 volunteers. If you have never volunteered for a fund raiser this is the perfect one to start with.
Please email us if you can help us out at:
to let us know your shift you would like, I will fill shifts on a first come first serve basis as far as times go, so please sign up early to get the time slot you would like. Athletes must have someone with them at all times unless prior approval is given by the management team. I will take the shift times off when full. Let's get some new volunteers signing up. Athletes & Family this is the chance to help out your team,This is a fundraiser to support your team, we need everyone to show a team effort. 
We do this fundraiser in the rain, sleet, snow so please dress for the weather and wear your Lumberjacks fundraiser shirt or jacket.

Check out our Facebook for open Shifts!