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​​​​​​Area: 13
Team Name: St. Croix Valley Lumberjacks
Cites Covered: St. Croix Valley Area and Western Wisconsin
E-Mail: ​
Address: 5865 Neal Ave. N. Suite #235 Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone Number: 651-383-4254

​​Head Coach

Skiing and Snowboarding
​Andrew Junker & Dustin Thune
​December - March
​Afton Alps, Afton
​Basketball​Karen Robinette
​January - March​Stillwater Jr. High, Stillwater
​Aquatics​Chrissy Kalthoff
​January - March​Oakland Jr. High, Lake Elmo
​Athletics​Pete Wildes
​April - June​Stillwater Jr. High, Stillwater
​Golf​Susan & Keith Langfeldt
​June - August​Loggers Trail, Stillwater
​Bocce​Brenda Pace
June - August​Autumn Hills Park, Stillwater 
​Flag Football​John Pace
​August - October​Old Athletic Field, Stillwater
​Bowling​Velvet Peterson
​August - November​Stillwater Bowl, Stillwater


The SCV Lumberjacks are a 100% volunteer team. We require all athletes to be accompanied by an adult, parent or staff at all practices, competitions or Special Olympics events, unless given permission by HOD. 


The Lumberjacks wish to thank all of our 80+ Volunteers and Coaches!!​